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ACM SIGSIM PADS Best Paper Award Recipients

The ACM SIGSIM PADS Best Paper Award is given to the paper judged to have the highest quality at each annual ACM SIGSIM PADS conference.

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ACM SIGSIM Conference on Principles of Advanced Discrete Simulation (PADS)
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ACM SIGSIM PADS Best Paper Award



The past recipients of the ACM SIGSIM PADS Best Paper Award:

2020 “Precise Virtual Time Advancement for Network Emulation”
Vignesh Babu and David Nicol
2019 “A Distributed Virtual Time System on Embedded Linux for Evaluating Cyber-Physical Systems”
Christopher Hannon, Jiaqi Yan, Dong Jin and Yuan-An Liu
2018 “Fast-Forwarding Agent States to Accelerate Microscopic Traffic Simulations”
Philipp Andelfinger, Yadong Xu, Wentong Cai, David Eckhoff and Alois Knoll
2017 “Efficient Parallel Simulation over Social Contact Network with Skewed Degree Distribution”
Yulin Wu (Nanyang Technological University); Xiangting Hou (Nanyang Technological University); Wenjun Tan (Nanyang Technological University); Wentong Cai (Nanyang Technological University); Zengxiang Li (Agency for Science, Technology and Research)
2016 “Automated Memoization for Parameter Studies Implemented in Impure Languages”
(Mirko Stoffers, RWTH Aachen University; Daniel Schemmel, RWTH Aachen University; Oscar Soria Dustmann, RWTH Aachen University; Klaus Wehrle, RWTH Aachen University)
2015 “FatTreeSim: Modeling a Large-scale Fat-Tree Network for HPC Systems and Data Centers Using Parallel and Discrete Event Simulation” (Ning Liu, Adnan Haider, Xian-He Sun, Dong Jin)
2014 “GPU-Assisted Hybrid Network Traffic Model” (Jason Liu, Yuan Liu, Zhihui Du, Ting Li)
2013 “Modeling Communication Software Execution for Accurate Simulation of Distributed Systems” (Stein Kristiansen, Thomas Plagemann and Vera Goebel)


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