The 2022 Members Meeting was held virtually via Zoom on Friday, January 28, 2022. All SIGSIM members were invited to attend and participate in all items of the agenda.

Video Conference: Zoom link was sent to all members on January 25, 2022. Please contact if any member has not received it.

Minutes: The meeting minutes are available as SIGSIM-Minutes-2022-01-28.pdf and the individual slides are listed against the corresponding agenda item below.


Time: 11am – 2pm US Eastern Time

Category Item Presenter Mins Total Slides
Welcome Kalyan Perumalla 5 5 Overall PDF
Important Announcements
Policy Updates Kalyan Perumalla 10 10
Organizational Updates 25
HQ PM (retiring) Irene Frawley 5
HQ PM (incoming) TBD 5
Chair, Vice-chair, Treasurer Perumalla, Tolk, Olson 5
Webmaster Maksudul Alam 5
Student Coordinator TBD (Perumalla) 5
Opportunities 10
ACM Fellow Kalyan Perumalla 5
ACM History Kalyan Perumalla 5
Awards 15
DCA Andreas Tolk 10
PhD Colloquium Tolk, Perumalla 5
Journal Updates 10
ACM TOMACS Francesco Quaglia 5 PDF
JOS Navonil Mustafee, et al 5 PPTX
Financial Updates Kara Olson 10 10 PDF
Initiatives 60
Simulation Archive Richard Nance, et al 10 PPTX
Space Simulations Nikolay Tomov, et al 10
Women in Computing Kalyan Perumalla 10
Online Empowerment Kalyan Perumalla 10
Enthusiasts Kalyan Perumalla 10
Reproducibility Adelinde Uhrmacher, et al 10
Conference Updates 25
WSC’21/22 Margaret Loper, et al 5 PPTX
MSWiM’21/22 TBD 5
PADS’21/22 Perumalla, Loper, Carothers, Jin 5 PPTX
ANNSIM’21/22 Andrea D'Ambrogio, et al 5 PDF
DS-RT'21/22 Gregory Zacharewicz and Gabriele D'Angelo 5 PDF