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The first members/business meeting of 2021 was held virtually via video conference on Friday, January 29, 2021.

Start: 11am US Eastern Time

Duration: Approximately 3.5 hours

Video Conference: Zoom (members were sent registration links via email)

  1. Welcome [~15mins]
    • New SIGSIM Leadership [3mins each]
      • Vice Chair [Andreas Tolk]
      • Treasurer [Kara Olson]
      • Chair [Kalyan Perumalla]
    • Message & Vision [Kalyan Perumalla]
    • Schedule of Meetings
  2. Awards [~30mins]
    • Distinguished Contributions Award [~15mins]
      • Citation and Laudatio [Adeline Uhrmacher]
      • Awardee [Ernest Page]
    • PhD Colloquim Best Paper Award [5mins]
    • Student Travel Awards [5mins]
      • Overview of Award and List of Awardees [David Bell]
    • New Award Opportunities (Tentative/Proposed) [5mins]
      • Rising Star Award
      • Simulation Impact Award
  3. Organizational Items [~25mins]
    • Financial Update [Kara Olson]
    • Simulation Archive Update [Simon Taylor]
    • Membership Sustenance and Expansion [Kalyan Perumalla]
  4. Sub-Committees [~15mins]
    • [Kalyan Perumalla]
    • Technical Sub-Committees
      • CACM Highlights
      • AI and Sim
      • Digital Twin
    • Enthusiast Sub-Committee – Launching Soon
      • CFP Enthusiasts
      • News Enthusiasts
      • Interview Enthusiasts
      • Web Enthusiasts
  5. Community Presence [~15mins]
    • SIGSIM Newsletter [Kalyan Perumalla]
    • SIGSIM Representation in Conferences [Kalyan Perumalla]
  6. Conference Reports [~45mins]
    • [5-10mins each]
    • Overview [Kalyan Perumalla]
    • PADS [Philippe Giabbanelli/Andreas Tolk]
    • MSWiM [Carlo Gianelli]
    • WSC [Charles Macal/Andreas Tolk]
    • DS-RT [Carlos Calafate]
    • SimAUD [David Gerber/Gabriel Wainer]
  7. Conference Leadership Confluence [~45mins]
    • SIGSIM Representatives
      • SIGSIM [Kalyan Perumalla] 
      • WSC [Charles Macal/Andreas Tolk]
      • MSWiM [Carlo Gianelli/Simon Taylor]
      • PADS [Saikou Diallo/Philippe Giabbanelli]
      • DS-RT [Carlos Calafate/Floriano de Rango]
      • SimAUD [David Gerber/Matthew Schwartz/Gabriel Wainer]
    • Virtual Meeting Best Practices [All]
    • SIGSIM Community Presence
    • Business Meetings in Conferences
    • Conference Steering Committee Elections
    • Additional Topics
  8. Adjourn