DIVANet '17- Proceedings of the 7th ACM Symposium on Development and Analysis of Intelligent Vehicular Networks and Applications

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SESSION: Localization, Tracking and Positioning

Spatially Adaptive Positioning for Molecular Geometry Inspired Aerial Networks

Tracking Vehicles Equipped with Dedicated Short-Range Communication at Traffic Intersections

SoLVE: A Localization System Framework for VANets using the Cloud and Fog Computing

SESSION: Vehicular Networking

On the Characterization of Vehicular Mobility

A Lightweight and Efficient Approach (LEA) for Hovering Information protocols

nlsrSIM: Porting and Simulation of Named-data Link State Routing Protocol into ndnSIM

SESSION: Resource Management

Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL)-based Resource Management in Software-Defined and Virtualized Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

QoS-oriented Management of Multi-vehicle Coordinated Cruise Control in Uncertain Environments

Performance Analysis of Communication Networks for EV Charging Stations in Residential Grid

Resource Allocation in Software Defined Fog Vehicular Networks

Vehicular Clouds Research: What is Missing?

SESSION: Security and Privacy

The Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure System Based on Machine Vision

Utilizing Advanced Metering Infrastructure to Build a Public Key Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles

Mass Configuration with Confirmation in Tactical Networks

Detection and Avoidance of Wormhole Attacks in Connected Vehicles

SESSION: Routing and Data Dissemination

Addressing the Effects of Low Vehicle Density in Highly Mobile Vehicular Named-Data Networks

Implementation and Performance Assessment of Location-based Routing Protocols for MANETs

Using Probabilistic Estimates to Guarantee Reliability in Crossroad VANETs

Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Wireless Power Transfer