MSWiM '14- Proceedings of the 17th ACM international conference on Modeling, analysis and simulation of wireless and mobile systems

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SESSION: Welcome address and keynote speaker

Wireless sensor networks in challenged environments such as underwater and underground

SESSION: Wireless sensor networks (I)

DrySim: simulation-aided deployment-specific tailoring of mote-class WSN software

Connectivity analysis of indoor wireless sensor networks using realistic propagation models

TR-MAC: an energy-efficient MAC protocol exploiting transmitted reference modulation for wireless sensor networks

SESSION: Multihop wireless networks (I)

Dirichlet's principle on multiclass multihop wireless networks: minimum cost routing subject to stability

Energy-efficient multi-hop broadcasting in low power and lossy networks

Wireless networking testbed and emulator (WiNeTestEr)

SESSION: Mobile and vehicular ad hoc networks

Exact analysis on network capacity of airborne MANETS with digital beamforming antennas

Impact of node mobility on single-hop cluster overlap in vehicular ad hoc networks

Entropy as a new metric for denial of service attack detection in vehicular ad-hoc networks

Socially inspired data dissemination for vehicular ad hoc networks

SESSION: LTE and cellular networks (I)

Semi-static interference coordination in OFDMA/LTE networks: evaluation of practical aspects

Handoff rate analysis in heterogeneous cellular networks: a stochastic geometric approach

Mobile device video caching to improve video qoe and cellular network capacity

Towards mobility-aware predictive radio access: modeling; simulation; and evaluation in LTE networks

SESSION: Keynote speaker

Magic of wireless sensor networks

SESSION: Optimization and performance evaluation

Multi-channel slotted aloha optimization for machine-type-communication

On optimal relay placement for improved performance in non-coverage limited scenarios

Performance of simple polling MAC with wireless re-charging in the presence of noise

SESSION: LTE and multihop wireless networks (II)

Regret-based learning for medium access in LTE femtocell networks

User satisfaction based joint user selection and beamforming in TD-LTE-A downlink

Modeling of IEEE 802.11 multi-hop wireless chains with hidden nodes

Interference-aware mesh multicast for wireless multihop networks

SESSION: Delay tolerant and opportunistic networks

Analysis of social structure and routing in human based delay tolerant network

Efficient solutions for the authenticated fragmentation problem in delay- and disruption-tolerant networks

Searching a needle in (linear) opportunistic networks

Duty cycling in opportunistic networks: the effect on intercontact times

SESSION: Wireless sensor networks (II)

A simple method for the deployment of wireless sensors to ensure full coverage of an irregular area with obstacles

Organic wireless sensor networks: a resilient paradigm for ubiquitous sensing

Transmission power control-based opportunistic routing for wireless sensor networks

Imputing missing values in sensor networks using sparse data representations

SESSION: Network coding and data forwarding

On control of inter-session network coding in delay-tolerant mobile social networks

Space-time efficient wireless network coding

Community-based forwarding for low-capacity pocket switched networks

SESSION: Tracking, positioning, and scheduling

Lane detection and tracking system based on the MSER algorithm, hough transform and kalman filter

Incorporating user motion information for indoor smartphone positioning in sparse Wi-Fi environments

Extending wireless algorithm design to arbitrary environments via metricity

SESSION: Mobility, caching, and compression

Understanding the interactions of handover-related self-organization schemes

FGPC: fine-grained popularity-based caching design for content centric networking

Application caching for cloud-sensor systems

Efficient data compression with error bound guarantee in wireless sensor networks

SESSION: Algorithms, scheduling, and optimization

Deterministic distributed rendezvous algorithms for multi-radio cognitive radio networks

A semi-persistent scheduling scheme for videotelephony traffics in the uplink of LTE networks

Channel capacity optimization for an integrated wi-fi and free-space optic communication system (WiFiFO)


Mobility in a large-scale WiFi network: from syslog events to mobile user sessions

Demo abstract: realistic evaluation of kernel protocols and software defined wireless networks with DCE/ns-3