MobiWac '14- Proceedings of the 12th ACM international symposium on Mobility management and wireless access

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SESSION: Session 1: cellular networks and WiFi

Dynamic and distributed inter-cell coordination based scheduling for interference avoidance

Inter-cell handoff performance improvement in LTE-a multi-hop relay networks

IP packet distribution on wireless access route combining IEEE802.11/802.16 links for improvement of application performance

Dynamic clustering in WiFi direct technology

SESSION: Session 2: wireless sensor networks

A hole detection scheme based on polygonal cycles for the irregular radio range in WSN

On target coverage in mobile visual sensor networks

Efficient mobile sink-based data gathering in wireless sensor networks with guaranteed delay

On-demand key distribution for body area networks for emergency case

SESSION: Session 3: heterogeneous wireless networks

Qos-based joint resource allocation with link adaptation for SC-FDMA uplink in heterogeneous networks

Cooperative caching in P2P manet

SOA based ubiquitous computing system design framework

Extreme throughput multicast in multi-user diversity wireless networks

SESSION: Session 4: internet of things, vehicular networks and cloud

Non-intrusive user identity provisioning in the internet of things

Decreasing greenhouse emissions through an intelligent traffic information system based on inter-vehicle communication

Building and programming ubiquitous social devices

Virtualized infrastructure for video game applications in cloud environments

POSTER SESSION: Session 5: demo & poster

Building a secure and feature-rich mobile mapping service app using HTML5: challenges and best practices