MobiWac '15- Proceedings of the 13th ACM International Symposium on Mobility Management and Wireless Access

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SESSION: Session 1: Vehicular Networks and Applications

Methodology to Events Identification in Vehicles Using Statistical Process Control on Steering Wheel Data

Asymmetry Analysis of Inbound/Outbound Car Traffic Load distribution in Luxembourg

SLA: Speed and Location Aware LTE Scheduler for Vehicular Safety Applications

SESSION: Session 2: WLAN Access and MANET Routing

Intention Sharing for Medium Access Control in Wireless LANs

IMSN Routing on Wi-Fi Direct Enabled Devices

Studying the Effect of Human Mobility on MANET Topology and Routing: Friend or Foe?

Design and Implementation of a Software-Defined Integrated Wired-Wireless Network Testbed

SESSION: Session 3: Solutions Based on Adaptive Ssystems

Smart mm-Wave Beam Steering Algorithm for Fast Link Re-Establishment under Node Mobility in 60 GHz Indoor WLANs

A Scheduling Algorithm of Cell Zooming for Energy Efficiency in Disasters

VARSA: An Efficient VAriable Radius Sensor Activation Scheme for Target Tracking using Wireless Sensor Networks

Towards a Decision Approach for Autonomic Systems Adaptation

SESSION: Session 4: Techniques for the Support of Services in Wireless Personal Communication Devices

All your Root Checks are Belong to Us: The Sad State of Root Detection

An Efficient Cloud-Based Iris Recognition Solution for Mobile Devices

Efficient Parameterized Methods for Physical Activity Detection using only Smartphone Sensors