MobiWac '16- Proceedings of the 14th ACM International Symposium on Mobility Management and Wireless Access

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SESSION: Wireless Sensor Networks

User Mobility under LTE based VPN: QoS and Handover Management

Stay or Switch?: Analysis and Comparison of Delays in Cognitive Radio Networks with Interweave and Underlay Spectrum Access

A Design Method for WSN's Automatic Scheduling Generation

Architecture Design for the Environmental Monitoring System over the Winter Season

A Distributed Algorithm Using Path Dissemination for Publish-Subscribe Communication Patterns

SESSION: Optimization and Performance

Evaluate the Impact of Mutual Friends and Load Distribution on Epidemic Routing in Delay Tolerant Networks

Channel Access Fairness in IEEE 802.11ac: A Retrospective Analysis and Protocol Enhancement

Maximizing Network Lifetime in Wireless Video Sensor Networks Under Quality Constraints

SESSION: Wireless Communications and Applications

Flexible Spectrum Sharing in OFDMA Cellular Networks

Integrated Connectivity and Coverage Techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks

A Genetic-based Localization Algorithm for Elderly People in Smart Cities

SESSION: Routing and Data Dissemination

A new Framework for Data Routing Management in Smartphones

The Emergency Direct Mobile App: Safety Message Dissemination over a Multi-Group Network of Smartphones using Wi-Fi Direct

QoE QoS Mapping for YouTube Services over LTE Network

Wi(deband)-Fi: A Proposal for an Opportunistic Wideband Architecture based on Wi-Fi

SESSION: Vehicular networks and applications

SecVLC: Secure Visible Light Communication for Military Vehicular Networks

Exploring Interactions in Vehicular Networks

MoVeNet: Mobility Management for Vehicular Networking

Localization with Guaranteed Bound on the Position Error using a Drone

SESSION: Mobility Profiling and Analysis

Leveraging on Mobility Models for Sensor Network Lifetime Modeling

On Fairness Evaluation: LTE-U vs. LAA

Comparison of Point to Point and MBSFN transmissions in Next Generation Mobile Networks

User Profiling through NFC interactions: Mining NFC-based User Information from Mobile Devices and Back-end Systems