SIGSIM-PADS '15- Proceedings of the 3rd ACM Conference on SIGSIM-Principles of Advanced Discrete Simulation

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SESSION: Keynote Address 1

Simulation in the era of Big Data: Trends and Challenges

SESSION: Manufacturing Applications

Knowledge Discovery in Manufacturing Simulations

Cost Efficient Short Term Capacity Planning for MTO Enterprises

SESSION: Education

A Media-Rich Curriculum for Modeling and Simulation

Microcontroller Based Water Computer: An Experiment with Tangible System Dynamics Modeling

Layered Simluations for Teaching Methodologies

A Prototype HLA Development Kit: Results from the 2015 Simulation Exploration Experience

SESSION: Distributed Simulation I

Time-Sharing Time Warp via Lightweight Operating System Support

NUMA Time Warp

Fidelity Evaluation based Time Dilation in Hybrid Network Emulation

Analyzing Data Dependencies for Increased Parallelism in Discrete Event Simulation

SESSION: Distributed Simulation II

Experiments with Hardware-based Transactional Memory in Parallel Simulation

Improving Accuracy and Performance Through Automatic Model Generation for Gate-Level Circuit PDES with Reverse Computation

Towards HLA-based Optimistic Synchronization with CSPs

On Energy Consumption in Distributed Simulations

SESSION: Networks and Operating Systems

Towards a DEVS-based Operating System

Conjoining Emulation and Network Simulators on Linux Multiprocessors

SESSION: Keynote Address 2

Enabling Distributed Simulations Using Big Data and Clouds

SESSION: Biological Systems

An Agent-Based Simulation Model to Evaluate the Efficiency of a Synthetic Biology System

Syntax and Semantics of a Multi-Level Modeling Language

SESSION: General Applications

Exploring the Relationship between Adherence to Treatment and Viral Load through a New Discrete Simulation Model of HIV Infectivity

NTW-MT: a Multi-threaded Simulator for Reaction Diffusion Simulations in NEURON

Management of Ubiquitous Systems with a Mobile Application Using Discrete Event Simulations

An Application of Distributed Simulation for Hybrid Modeling of Offshore Wind Farms

SESSION: Distributed Simulation III

Cloning Agent-based Simulation on GPU

Efficient Inter-Process Synchronization for Parallel Discrete Event Simulation on Multicores

Improving Computational Performance of Simulation-based Heuristic Algorithms for Job Sequencing

Agent-based Modeling of Large-scale Complex Social Interactions

SESSION: Distributed Simulation IV

FatTreeSim: Modeling Large-scale Fat-Tree Networks for HPC Systems and Data Centers Using Parallel and Discrete Event Simulation

Transparently Mixing Undo Logs and Software Reversibility for State Recovery in Optimistic PDES

SESSION: Network Applications

Model-Based Concurrency Analysis of Network Simulations

A Virtual Time System for Linux-container-based Emulation of Software-defined Networks

Verification of Petri Nets based Simulation Models using Coverage Metrics

Big Data Decision Making Based on Predictive Data Analysis Using DEVS Simulations

SESSION: Traffic Applications

An Asynchronous Synchronization Strategy for Parallel Large-scale Agent-based Traffic Simulations

Exact-Differential Large-Scale Traffic Simulation

Traffic Simulation Performance Optimization through Multi-Resolution Modeling of Road Segments