SIGSIM-PADS '16- Proceedings of the 2016 annual ACM Conference on SIGSIM Principles of Advanced Discrete Simulation

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SESSION: Keynote Speech 1

InfoSymbioticSystems/DDDAS and Large-Scale Dynamic Data and Large-Scale Big Computing for Smart Systems


An Adaptive Road Traffic Regulation with Simulation and Internet of Things

Data-Driven Vehicle Trajectory Prediction

SESSION: Session on Data and Knowledge Discovery for Simulation

GraphPool: A High Performance Data Management For 3D Simulations

Knowledge Discovery for Pareto Based Multiobjective Optimization in Simulation

Coupling Simulation with Machine Learning: A Hybrid Approach for Elderly Discharge Planning

SESSION: Session on Crowd and Agent Models

Granular Time Warp Objects

Online Data Extraction for Large-Scale Agent-Based Simulations

A Simulator for Distributed Cache Managementin Friend-to-Friend Networks

Agent-based Simulation Modeling of Low Fertility Trap Hypothesis

SESSION: Keynote Speech 2

The Future of Parallel Discrete Event Simulation

SESSION: Session on Parallel Simulation 1

A Role-dependent Data-driven Approach for High Density Crowd Behavior Modeling

Towards PDES in a Message-Driven Paradigm: A Preliminary Case Study Using Charm++

Automatic Generation of Reversible C++ Code and Its Performance in a Scalable Kinetic Monte-Carlo Application

Development and Experimentation of PDES-based Analytic Simulation

SPOCK: Exact Parallel Kinetic Monte-Carlo on 1.5 Million Tasks

SESSION: Session on M&S of Software Define Networks

DSSnet: A Smart Grid Modeling Platform Combining Electrical Power Distribution System Simulation and Software Defined Networking Emulation

Efficient Monte Carlo Evaluation of SDN Resiliency

Comparing a Scalable SDN Simulation Framework Built on ns-3 and DCE with Existing SDN Simulators and Emulators

SESSION: Session on Parallel Simulation 2

Some Properties of Events Executed in Discrete-Event Simulation Models

An Integrated Interconnection Network Model for Large-Scale Performance Prediction

Modeling a Million-Node Slim Fly Network Using Parallel Discrete-Event Simulation

SESSION: Session on M&S Areas and Applications 1

Profiling Energy Consumption in Distributed Simulations

A Case Study in Using Discrete-Event Simulation to Improve the Scalability of MG-RAST

Automated Memoization for Parameter Studies Implemented in Impure Languages

SESSION: Session on M&S Areas and Applications 2

NeMo: A Massively Parallel Discrete-Event Simulation Model for Neuromorphic Architectures

Using DEv-PROMELA for Modelling and Verification of Software

Extended Driving Simulator for Evaluation of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems

Toward Scalable Whole-Cell Modeling of Human Cells