PE-WASUN '14- Proceedings of the 11th ACM symposium on Performance evaluation of wireless ad hoc, sensor, & ubiquitous networks

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SESSION: Network architectures, smart city and QoS

How to choose the relevant MAC protocol for wireless smart parking urban networks?

Mobility-based opportunistic routing for mobile ad-hoc networks

Studying traffic conditions by analyzing foursquare and instagram data

Qos and network performance estimation in heterogeneous cellular networks validated by real-field measurements

SESSION: Wireless ad hoc networks

A distributed backbone-based framework for live video sharing in VANETs

A predictive algorithm for mitigate swarming bees through proactive monitoring via wireless sensor networks

Towards a simulation framework for paraglider networks

Efficient coverage for grid-based mobile wireless sensor networks

SESSION: Vehicular ad hoc networks

Bandwidth-efficient techniques for information dissemination in urban vehicular networks

A self-adaptive data dissemination solution for intelligent transportation systems

Realistic environment for VANET simulations to detect the presence of obstacles in vehicular ad hoc networks

SESSION: Multi-hop networks

Evaluating metrics for optimal path selection in large wireless community networks

Efficient deployment of gateways in multi-hop ad-hoc wireless networks

Simulated analysis of connectivity issues for sleeping sensor nodes in the internet of things