PE-WASUN '15- Proceedings of the 12th ACM Symposium on Performance Evaluation of Wireless Ad Hoc, Sensor, & Ubiquitous Networks

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SESSION: Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (1)

Reducing Duplicate Packets in Unicast VANET Communications

Vehicular Cloud: Stochastic Analysis of Computing Resources in a Road Segment

Understanding Interactions in Vehicular Networks Through Taxi Mobility

DISCOVER: A Unified Protocol for Data Dissemination and Collection in VANETs

SESSION: Vehicular and Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Mechanisms for Improving the Scalable Video Streaming in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Heuristic Methods in Geographical Routing Protocols for VANETs

Performance Evaluation of OPS-SAP PAPR Reduction Technique in OFDM Systems in a Wireless Vehicular Context

SESSION: Wireless Ad Hoc Networks in Smart Cities

Taking Benefit from the User Density in Large Cities for Delivering SMS

Evaluation of Advanced Congestion Control Mechanisms for Unreliable CoAP Communications

Comparison of Application and Network Layer Name Resolution in Mobile Ad hoc Networks

Large-Scale Performance Evaluation of the IETF Internet of Things Protocol Suite for Smart City Solutions

SESSION: Heterogeneous Ad Hoc Networks

Revisiting the Characterization and the Modeling of User Impatience in Ubiquitous Networks

On the Effect of Black-hole Attack on Opportunistic Routing Protocols

Performance Evaluation of Data Aggregation Functions using Markov Decision Processes

Development and Evaluation of a High-Speed Simulator for Wireless Sensor Network Protocols using GPGPU