Q2SWinet '14- Proceedings of the 10th ACM symposium on QoS and security for wireless and mobile networks

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SESSION: QoS and QoE for wireless networks and systems

Quality of experience-enabled social networks

Qoe-based performance evaluation of video transmission using the BATMAN routing protocol

Quality of service differentiation for smart grid neighbor area networks through multiple RPL instances

Security and QoS tradeoff recommendation system (SQT-RS) for dynamic assessing CPRM-based systems

SESSION: Privacy, anonymity and authentication

HiveSign: dynamic message signatures for resource-constrained wireless networks

Classification of technological privacy techniques for LTE-based public safety networks

Data partitioning: an approach to preserving data privacy in computation offload in pervasive computing systems

SESSION: Security in wireless networks I

Patrolling wireless sensor networks: randomized intrusion detection

MAC-TCP cross-layer attack and its defense in cognitive radio networks

Trust-aware opportunistic routing protocol for wireless networks

SESSION: Security in wireless networks II

Undesired relatives: protection mechanisms against the evil twin attack in IEEE 802.11

Secure IPsec based offload architectures for mobile data

Design of a trust security model for smart meters in an urban power grid network

SESSION: Optimization issues in networks

Flow-level modeling and optimization of intercell coordination with dynamic TDD

Storms in mobile networks

Elastic virtual private cloud

Traffic forecasting using a multi layer perceptron model