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Many volunteers help SIGSIM accomplish its mission. Those volunteers are listed in this section.

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Gas Cloud Simulation

A simulation of how a gas cloud that has been observed approaching the supermassive black hole at the centre of the galaxy.

Advanced Test Reactor Simulation

Advanced simulation capabilities can model reactors, such as INL's Advanced Test Reactor shown here, from atomic scales to full-sized reactor assemblies.

Underwater EVA Simulation

Underwater simulation of extravehicular activity (EVA).

Combat Simulation

A screen capture depicts a combat situation in a digital world during a command post exercise inside the Joint Multinational Simulations Center.

Motorcycle Simulator

Testing motorcycle simulator at the Pentagon to get a feel for how the bike would handle some situations.

Wake Turbulence Simulation

Wake turbulence simulation for an Airbus A340 on final approach, just before touchdown.

Driving Conditions Simulator

View from the cockpit of the simulator. Multiple screens provide a view similar to what one would see in a snowplow on the road.

Molecules Simulation

Dynamic computer simulations of molecular systems.

Global Aerosols Simulation

This portrait of global aerosols was produced by a Goddard Earth Observing System Model, Version 5 (GEOS-5) simulation at a 10-kilometer resolution.

Driving Simulation

Simulation for driving training.

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2020-2022 Kalyan S. Perumalla Andreas Tolk Kara A. Olson




Term Chair Vice Chair Secretary/Treasurer
2016-2020 Margaret Loper Andreas Tolk Kara A. Olson
2012-2016 Paul Fishwick Margaret Loper Andreas Tolk
2010-2012 Drew Hamilton Margaret Loper Andreas Tolk
2008-2010 Osman Balci Drew Hamilton Margaret Loper
2005-2008 Simon J.E. Taylor George F. Riley Drew Hamilton
2003-2005 John Tufarolo vacant Rick McKenzie
2001-2003 Ray J. Paul John Tufarolo Rick McKenzie
1999-2001 Ernest H. Page, Jr John Tufarolo Rick McKenzie
1997-1999 Roger Smith Ernest H. Page, Jr John Pace
1995-1997 Ashvin Radiya Roger Smith Ernest H. Page, Jr
1992-1994 C. Michael Overstreet Thomas J. Schriber Gordon Bliss
1987-1992 Stephen D. Roberts C. Michael Overstreet Roy M. Wnek
1985-1987 Paul F. Roth Osman Balci Stephen D. Roberts
1984-1985 Richard E. Nance Tuncay Saydam Stephen D. Roberts
1981-1983 Tuncer I. Ören Nabil R. Adam Don M. Warner
1979-1980 Joe K. Clema Charles M. Shub Don M. Warner
1977-1979 Susan L. Solomon Joe K. Clema Larry Hull
1975-1977 Paul F. Roth Susan L. Solomon Donald Deutsch
1974-1975 Harold J. Highland Paul F. Roth Susan L. Solomon
1974 Harold J. Highland David Brandon Susan L. Solomon
1972-1973 Michael F. Morris Joe K. Clema Philip Becker
1972 Michael F. Morris Moshe Mangad Philip Becker
1971 Michael F. Morris Robert Brennan Philip Becker
1969-1971 S. Schram    
1969 April ACM SIGSIM is founded. See the article describing its early years.


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